Nature & Tourism
Film Festival

Wiesbaden, Germany
01–04 December 2022






New jury member

Welcome! The German polar explorer Arved Fuchs is a new member of the NATOURALE jury 2022. We are happy to have him on our team and look forward to his decisions as a jury member.


Event dates

Since all cinemas in Germany are currently closed, we still cannot show any films from the 2020 competition. We hope we can start in June. However, the dates for the lectures with Arved Fuchs and Rober Jasper have been set and tickets can be purchased via


The NTFF NATOURALE takes place every two years in Wiesbaden / Germany. The venue is among other locations the well-known Murnau movie theater, in which the winning films are awarded and shown.

An international panel of experts awards the most impressive films of recent years in the fields of nature, the environment, travel and tourism. A combination that has been chosen as a sustainable combination of these sectors is becoming increasingly important for modern society.

Award-winning German filmmaker Andreas Ewels says: "People will only protect what they know and respect, so travel and the spirit of discovery are very important. But exploring must be done carefully and sustainably, so that we do not destroy everything by discovering our world. We only have one planet."

Filmmakers who recognize and implement this will have an important impact on the future development of our world and will gain an important forum with NATOURALE.

The NTFF has its origin in the NATURFILMNÄCHTE WIESBADEN. Two to three times a year, German nature and environmental filmmakers show their works here and discuss with the audience. The great success of this series of events has now motivated the makers to take the next step and, with the NATOURALE, now with the new festival international filmmakers have the chance to present themselves to the public in the state capital of Hesse, Wiesbaden.


The NATOURALE is a film festival for documentaries, reports, commercials and feature films from the fields of nature, the environment, travel and tourism. Submitted films are intended to document the beauty of our planet or to point out abuses in this context. Films from the areas of tourism and travel are given special consideration if they are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. Film submissions are only possible under consideration and recognition of the regulations. Please read them carefully.

To submit, please use the attached form or submit your works directly via Filmfreeway. Deadline: October 01, 2022.


Awards are given in 6 categories
White Hessian Lion
for the best film over 30 minutes
Nature / Environment
White Hessian Lion
for the best film over 30 minutes
Tourism / Travel
Golden Hessian Lion
for the best film under 30 minutes
Nature / Environment
Golden Hessian Lion
for the best film under 30 minutes
Tourism / Travel
Red Hessian Lion
for the best commercial under 10 minutes
Nature / Environment / Tourism / Travel
Red Hessian Lion
sustainability award
Nature / Environment / Tourism / Travel
Background & further awards

The Hessian Lion is a cult and one of the most famous works of art, which are in direct contact with the state of Hesse. It was created by the world-famous concept artist Prof. Ottmar Hörl. The lion, also a symbol of courage, strength, wisdom and alertness, is the ideal trophy for the special achievements of the NATOURALE-Award-Winners. For the festival Prof. Ottmar Hörl produces a specially inscribed pedestal for the lion sculpture, which defines it as a unique NATOURALE-Award.

Invited award winners will receive 2 overnight stays in one of our partner hotels for the duration of the festival. Included is also a program for the award winners. This includes an exciting tour of the state capital Wiesbaden.

Furthermore there are 5 special prices. These are designed by the extraordinary artist Darina Schmidt from Hesse. Since 2013, she has made a name for herself through unique animal graphics. For our festival, she puts her art prints in connection with a certificate and refines it behind glass.

The awarding of the special prizes is possible in the following categories and is arranged on the recommendation of the jury. A film can get several awards. The following special prizes can be awarded:

Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Camera
Best Music
Best Editing
Scientific and Engineering Award
Best Passion Project
Best Story
Best Cinematic Idea
Best Children’s and Youth Film


The Hessian state captial Wiesbaden, is a historic spa town in the center of Germany. Not far away: Frankfurt Airport one of the largest aviation hubs in the world. In less than 30 minutes you can reach it from Wiesbaden and travel all around the word. The very international town of Wiesbaden itself is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. Its name translates to "meadow baths", making reference to the hot springs. It is famous for its architecture, climate, and its hot springs. At one time, Wiesbaden boasted 26 hot springs. The romantic city is located on the right bank of the Rhine, below the confluence of the Main. To the north of the city you find the Taunus Mountains, which is the trend in a northeasterly direction. It is perfect place for enjoying nature all year long. The Deutsche Filmhaus is not far from the historic main train station. With its modern Murnau film theater, it is the center of NATOURALE and offers various facilities. Other venues include the Wiesbaden Natural History Museum (262 seats), the Caligari Filmbühne (425 seats), the Society for German Language (30 seats) and the wonderful Kronberger Lichtspiele (181 seats) between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.


Tamina Kallert
Travel expert and presenter (GER)
Astrid Prinzessin zu Stolberg
Nature and travel expert (ESP)
Nina Heinemann
Travel expert and hotel tester (GER)
Alexandra Johnen
Tourism expert and travel journalist (NLD)
Stella Schaller
Climate expert (GER)
Christiane Hinninger
Biologist und politician (GER)
Robin Jähne
Nature documentary filmmaker (GER)
Dr. Mark Auliya
Biologist (GER)
Hanjo Gäbler
Composer (GER)
Hugo Marcos
General Secretary by CIFFT (PRT)
Arved Fuchs
Polarforscher (GER)
Tobias Woitendorf
Director Marketing & Communications, Tourist board MV (GER)
Robert Jasper
Extreme Climber (GER)
Ralph Johnen
Travel writer (GER)
Oliver Goetzl
Wildlife filmmaker (GER)
Prof. Josef Settele
IPBES scientist (GER)


Festival Director
Dr. Andrea-Eva Ewels
Cinema Management
Sebastian Schnurr
Specialist tourism
Prof. Francisco Dias
Consulting Ecology
Hartmut Fehr
Consulting Biology
Mark Auliya
Specialist advice nature film
Jens Klingebiel
Expert advice science film
Stella Schaller
Specialist Art
Darina Schmidt
Consulting Environmental / Travel
Andreas Ewels
Organization Team